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Key Contacts

Office Email      info@burgesssports.org   and Mobile Call  07458302333


Alejandra (Ally) Teixido - Chief Executive ally@burgesssports.org and mobile 07792377472


Vernon Neve Dunn - Public Relations and Communication Manager vernon@burgesssports.org and mobile 07703052759



Tom Ulicsak - Finance and Fundraising as well as the designated Welfare Lead - tom@burgesssports.org and mobile 07988619215


Afruja Khanom - Project Manager - afruja@burgesssports.org and mobile 07458302333



Volunteers & Coaches

Volunteers and coaches play a vital role in community sport, without the energy and commitment of these people many clubs, team sport sessions and coaching sessions would not be able to run.


Volunteering is an ideal way to get involved in sport, develop new skills and stay engaged in a sport, at the time you meet new people and take on new challenges. Within our clubs you will find many different opportunities to volunteer and for sure you would find the one that suits your personality and expectations.


If you are interested in volunteering please email info@burgesssports.org or call Ally 07458302333.

Charity Commission Number  1171033

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Contact Us

Email      info@burgesssports.org



Our Address

Burgess Sports

44 Addington Square 

London SE5 7LA


Child Care Vouchers

We are pleased to say that we have now successfully registered with Ofsted and can now accept Child Care Vouchers for the Burgess Sport Holiday Camps from the following providers:

·         KiddiVouchers

·         Care-4 

·         Fideliti 

·         Sodexo

·         Faircare 

.         Computer sharevoucher services

.         RG childcare


We are also registered with the new HM Government - Childcare Choices scheme.  

To pay using Child Care Vouchers (or to ask us to add another provider to our list) please do email us at ally@burgesssports.org