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Our Food for Life Bronze Award

Reflecting on my journey with Burgess Sports programmes, addressing food issues has been a long-term commitment. It's concerning to witness children without proper food at our programmes, emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet for their development.


The rise in ultra-processed food consumption, particularly among disadvantaged groups, has led to a tenfold increase in obesity since 1970, compounded by reduced physical activity. This trend also contributes to environmental issues like deforestation and long-term food insecurity.


Poor diets now rank as a leading cause of premature death, surpassing tobacco. The globalization of Western industrialized food has fueled metabolic diseases worldwide.


Despite challenges, achieving the Food for Life Bronze Certification marks progress in our efforts. Witnessing a change in attitudes toward food among our participants is rewarding.


While our work is just a part of the larger effort, every step counts toward a healthier future. Let's keep moving forward!

Alejandra Teixido

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