Every child deserves a great start in life!

"School holidays can be stressful periods for children from low-income families. Poor provision of appropriate childcare, limited access to enrichment activities, and food insecurity mean that children's health and well-being can suffer, and their learning stagnates or declines". Since 2016 Burgess Sports has introduced healthy food within its holiday programmes. 

 However, for many of the children who live in the area surrounding us this isn’t the case, the area ranks in the top 11% (https://acorn.caci.co.uk/downloads/Acorn-User-guide.pdf - ACORN classification Q and R) of most disadvantaged areas in the country, and this has a knock-on effect on children - statistics show that children from disadvantaged families have poorer health, education and economic outcomes.

We want to change this!

Our work is focused on providing opportunities for children and their families, strengthening not just the individual child but the support network around them. This holistic approach breaks down the multi-layered barriers to achievement that children in our community face.

If you pay £10 it pays for 5 children to take part in an after school session, £25 Pays for a child to do 20 hours on a holiday camp and £150 pays for a ten week course to train a young volunteer.



Another way to support us is via your online shopping.  There are over 4.000 shops participanting.

There are three great ways to do this;

Website - you can browse all 4000 stores

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App - available for iPhone and iPad, you can raise on the go.

Once you've found your store just follow our link to their website. They'll do the rest!

Contact Us

Email      info@burgesssports.org



Our Address

Burgess Sports

44 Addington Square 

London SE5 7LA


Child Care Vouchers

We are pleased to say that we have now successfully registered with Ofsted and can now accept Child Care Vouchers for the Burgess Sport Holiday Camps from the following providers:

·         KiddiVouchers

·         Care-4 

·         Fideliti 

·         Sodexo

·         Faircare 

.         Computer sharevoucher services

.         RG childcare


We are also registered with the new HM Government - Childcare Choices scheme.  

To pay using Child Care Vouchers (or to ask us to add another provider to our list) please do email us at ally@burgesssports.org