Kids in the kitchen

In 2017, we embarked on a journey to foster healthy habits through our cooking workshops for parents and children within our After-school and Holiday Camp programmes. However, with the onset of COVID, we faced an abrupt pause.


Out of necessity and a commitment to community, Kids in the Kitchen emerged in September 2020 as a safe and community-focused alternative to our pre-pandemic healthy cooking workshops.



Every week, families come and pick up a bag of carefully prepared, low-cost ingredients for a kid-friendly, nutritious recipe. Our community thrives on WhatsApp, where parents share snapshots of their delicious creations. The atmosphere is one of encouragement, with parents celebrating each other's culinary achievements.


The programme is constantly developing according to the needs of the families.

We believe in empowering our community, and making them feel like active contributors to this project. This term, we introduced the 'Parent Takeover.' Biweekly, parents enthusiastically share their favorite family recipes, and everyone receives a bag with all the ingredients to recreate it at home.



The evolution of our food programme goes beyond the kitchen; it's about dignity during challenging times. Kids in the Kitchen has become a safe haven, allowing parents to enjoy cooking with their children and fostering connections among families. Through shared meals, learning new recipes, and developing culinary skills, we've created a space for joy and togetherness.


Join us in this culinary journey, where food is not just nourishment but a catalyst for building stronger bonds and brighter futures.








Exciting News!


"Kids in the Kitchen"emerged a heartwarming way to build community and promote nutrition.


This cookbook captures the positive energy we've cultivated, and now, to celebrate with our incredible community, we're selling it at £10 to support our programme's continuation.


Despite our modest footprint, we believe every little bit makes a difference like tiny grains of sand, we're reshaping how we think about food and well-being.



Every child deserves a great start in life!

Grab your copy here and join us on this delicious journey! 


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