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For each statement below, please tick the box that best describes what you think or feel about the programme



The activities helped my child's physical development








1.       If you could say one really good and positive thing about the clubs (Burgess Sports) what would it be?


  • My 11yr old son was so shy and timid when he joined the Sports Camp. Within 3 days he became more confident and talkative. He would come home and be really excited about all the activities and all the new friends he'd made. He says that the ambassadors and staff members really look after them and introduce them to reaĺly exciting activities. My son also loves the lovely healthy fruit and refreshments they have for everyone. Sports Camp at Burgess Park is a wonderful experience for the kids and I have to thank the staff and ambassadors very much, for making the past 3 weeks of my son's summer holidays such a wonderful experience!
  • Burgess Sports activities are fantastic, it offers children the lots of things to do and a place to be during the holidays. Parents also have childcare at £0 or very affordable cost (with extension) ...
  • The coaches and sessions give a positive refreshing release to engage my child/ren and give them an inviting time to become active, along with social, nurturing, teach them independence in a safe environment which is needed in these days of hardship where parents need release not only physically, mentally but to work.




Do you have any other comments?


  • Just I hope that the Sports Camp at Burgess Park will be there for years and years to come as it's been such a wonderful experience for my son and all the other kids that had the opportunity to attend.  We'll really miss it!  All the best!
  • Its always refreshing to know that the coaches are there to help and encourage all to get along.
  • My son was sad when it ended. 


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