Changing people's lives through sport around Burgess Park


For children aged 13+ to give them an introduction to coaching and leadership.  


Programme include : Sport Coaching, Sport Nutrition, Confidence building, Health and safety, Creating a Sports event.


Due to COVID we will not be running further courses this year.  If you want to express your interest, please email us

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Call     07458302333


Our Address

Burgess Sports

44 Addington Square 

London SE5 7LA


Child Care Vouchers

We are pleased to say that we have now successfully registered with Ofsted and can now accept Child Care Vouchers for the Burgess Sport Holiday Camps from the following providers:

·         KiddiVouchers

·         Care-4 

·         Fideliti 

·         Sodexo

·         Faircare 

.         Computer sharevoucher services

.         RG childcare

We are also registered with the new HM Government - Childcare Choices scheme.  

To pay using Child Care Vouchers (or to ask us to add another provider to our list) please do email us at