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In January 2023 we had a third party assess our impact using the Housing Associations Charitable Trust (HACT) tool. For 2022, we supported 732 unique participants, 75 unique adults/parents attending our courses, 30 young teenagers attending our ambassador programme, 90 families taking part in our Kids in Kitchen programme, etc. all these activities generated £2,263,755 in social value (£10.25 for every £1 spent).


2023 Report

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Food for Life Bronze Award

Reflecting on the journey since I began running programs at Burgess Sports, it has been clear that addressing the issue of food was not just a challenge but a commitment to a long-term mission.

It struck me profoundly to witness children attending our programs with poor-quality or, in some cases, no food at all. As the saying goes, "We are what we eat!" A balanced, nutritious diet is the foundation for a child's physical and cognitive development, bolstering their immune system and laying the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle.

In today's world, a concerning trend is the prevalence of ultra-processed food, constituting 60% of our average caloric intake in the UK, and a staggering 80% for teenagers. For those in disadvantaged conditions, this becomes not only a dietary choice but often the only affordable one, contributing significantly to the tenfold increase in obesity since 1970. Couple this with reduced physical activity, and we find ourselves facing a complex health challenge.

However, the implications of consuming ultra-processed food extend beyond individual health, impacting our planet as well. Instances like Brazil clearing land for farming soy, leading to deforestation and desertification, contribute to long-term food insecurity. The environmental toll, including increased emissions, is undeniable.

In recent years, poor diets have even surpassed tobacco as the leading cause of premature death. The globalization of Western industrialized food has triggered an alarming surge in metabolic diseases across countries like Chile, Brazil, and Mexico, turning them from unheard issues to dominant public health problems within a decade.

Since the inception of our programs at Burgess Sports, food emerged as a major issue. Participants arrived at our multi-sports camps with nothing but water or packed lunches filled with unhealthy options.

Receiving the Food for Life Bronze Certification is not just an award; it means a significant step forward and a recognition of the consistent efforts we've poured in despite the challenges. It has been a transformative journey, witnessing a shift in attitudes toward food among our participants and young people.

While I acknowledge that this work holds only a fraction of the influence needed for broader change, every effort counts. This journey is a grain of sand, but collectively, these grains can reshape the landscape of our approach to food and well-being.

Here's to more progress and positive transformations ahead!

A. Teixido 

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