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The February camp 2019 survey was responded online by 83,3% of the parents


  • My child is very shy, he enjoyed the sports camp so much. Made new friends and receiving a medal was something really important for him.
  • My son loved the sports and he really enjoyed the cooking lesson. He wants to cook the recipe at home. 
  • Highly recommended my son and daughter loved it
  • This is a great positive experience for children, they learn many sports they normally would not do at school or anywhere else. Also the cooking lesson was fun for children and parents

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Child Care Vouchers

We are pleased to say that we have now successfully registered with Ofsted and can now accept Child Care Vouchers for the Burgess Sport Holiday Camps from the following providers:

·         KiddiVouchers

·         Care-4 

·         Fideliti 

·         Sodexo

·         Faircare 

.         Computer sharevoucher services

.         RG childcare

We are also registered with the new HM Government - Childcare Choices scheme.  

To pay using Child Care Vouchers (or to ask us to add another provider to our list) please do email us at